Thursday, March 19, 2015

Shepherd Hills Haven

Hello and thank you for reading our blog.

Some of you reading this know us already and know what Dennis and I are trying to create here at Shepherd Hills Haven, a safe place for the desert dogs to receive the love and care they need.

This came about as an answered prayer and as a complete surprise to us.  There are 6 dogs on this property we are now living on, who were abandoned.  It was obvious right away that they were not being taken care of.  Ribs showing on the smaller ones and very cautious of humans.

After a few weeks of feeding them 4 of them now come and let me pet them, 2 of them still very cautious and will come for a very quick pat on the head and two little ones who are super happy to get head scratches and belly rubs. 

We are hoping to raise the funds needed to purchase this property and create a doggie paradise, rescue, for the homeless desert dogs.

I’m creating this blog to keep everyone updated on the progress of what we are doing. 

We need to raise $3,000 by the middle of April for a down payment.

We will soon have special cold forged wraps for sale that a friend P. Casey Wilson donated for the cause.   All monies from the sales of the beautiful sea glass will go towards creating this safe haven.

For photos and more info, please visit our Shepherd Hills Haven page. 

Thanks for reading.