Thursday, April 9, 2015

Desert dogs update.

Hello eveyone,

This morning as I went into the single wide to start a fire, I was thrilled to see Happy Dog and the shy Sheperd inside.  They are still very skiddish but I'm so happy they were trusting enough to come in and watch me make the fire.

Happy Dog seems to gravitate towards me and loves head rubs and belly rubs.  She is still very excitable, skiddish, but becoming more trusting all the time.

Shy Shepherd is also very skiddish, and scared it seems,  the way he holds his head down and ears back I have to wonder if he, along with the others, were not treated so good by the person who was suppose to be caring for them.  

Little Girl is very much comfortable being an inside dog.  She has gravitated towards Scooter and is enjoying hanging out with him and sleeping with him.  She also smiles :) 

Shyann  still has not let us touch her and was seen hanging out with Roxi and Homer, who I believe is the father of the younger ones.  Roxi and Homer belong to a friend and like hanging out at our place and theirs.  

One we are able to get proper fencing up, I believe Roxi and Homer  will stay home. Hopefully, the very shy one will keep coming back for food and get more comfortable around us.

Our four, Gate, Uno, Lefty and Jack, are getting used to them coming around.  We keep our four fenced off seperately as Uno and Lefty are just 2 years old and so full of energy that they will have to be friends through the fence for a while.  Jack, my little terrier mix, who is the alfa of our four, and the world he thinks, lol goes anywhere I go, and he doesn't bother the desert dogs.  Gate and Jack get along with almost all dogs.  

Thank you for following along.  :)  Please be sure to check out all the photos on the Shepherd Hills Haven website.  


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