Thursday, April 30, 2015

Desert dogs update

Hello everyone,

Thanks for following along with us on our building up of a dog rescue.  And a big thank you to those who have helped with dog food.  It is expensive as we purchase good healthy dog food.  We have tried several brands.  If any of you dog loves out there know what is THE best kind to get, please let us know.   We have always bought high protein dog food for our dogs and they are healthy and have beautiful coats.

Little girl and Babe, both are living indoors and loving all the attention they need.  Also, thank you to all who gave name suggestions.  The real shy one is now named Shyann and although she is getting braver to come up and eat, she still won't let us touch her.

The little girl which we have been calling her Little Girl since we arrived here, comes to that name so we don't want to confuse her and will stick with Little Girl.

The same with Happy Dog, who comes when we call him, sometimes, yet he still isn't trusting enough to come inside.  When I go outside and go into the single wide, he greets me as soon as I come out and jumps and wiggles that butt.  I sit on the porch and today he let me hug him.  He is getting closer and closer to coming all the way inside.  I tried once, a week ago to get a leash around him and he was too quick for me.  And it has taken this week to gain his trust enough to let me hug and pet him.

The shy shepherd, which we still have not named yet, has come inside 2 days in a row now so that's a really good thing.

Friends are trying to round up some supplies for fencing and other repairs needed around here and hoping to rent a trailer to haul off some junk and trash around here.  We thought about renting a dumpster but that is very expensive.

Oh yes, Little Girl is pregnant.   Her belly is growing bigger every day and I can see the puppies moving in there  Will try to get a good pregnant pic later.

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