Friday, May 22, 2015

We have puppies!

Hello everyone,

Wow, how times flies!  Little Girl had her puppies on Mother's Day and they are growing by leaps and bounds.  All are healthy and happy, and very cute and cuddly.

Thank you very much to those who have pitched in to help with dog food, bowls, and much more. I would name each one of you personally, after I get permission to do so.  You know who you are and Dennis and I and the pups are very grateful to you all.  Thank you for remembering me and Dennis as well as the desert dogs.  :)

As cute as the puppies are, in a few months we will be able to spay and neuter not only the pups, but mama dog and the other desert dogs too.

We have set up a fund to help with the costs of having all these desert dogs checked out and taken care of.  If you would like to help, you can call in a donation to  All Creatures Veterinary Clinic under my name, Kathleen Nash.

If you would like to donate towards dog food costs and items necessary for building supplies, fencing, etc, there is a donate button on our website.

And, if you would just like to follow along and view cool puppy and dog photos, that is great too!!  :)

Shyann, the real shy one, has still not let us touch her, however, this morning around 5am when I went out, she was right there waiting for food and did not display the fearful behavior as she normally does.   She didn't back up like normal when I came out to put the food down, so she is getting closer and more trusting as time goes on.

Happy Dog is still very happy to see me come outside, he jumps up and begs for attention from me.  I'll sit on the porch and he'll come sit next to me for head scratches.  He still is not trusting enough to come inside yet.  But soon.

Little Girl decided to go for a stroll with her boyfriend Shy Shepherd, who we are thinking is the papa of the pups, but not sure.  Scared us at first, because she has never wandered far from her pups since having them.  We were starting to wonder if we would have to get a bottle and start feeding fresh goats milk to the pups.  But, knowing how Shy Shepherd acts around her, lovin up on her and all, that the two of them were simply going for a stroll.  Little Girl came back and after receiving her head rubs and a talking to about wandering off, she went directly to her sleeping pups and made sure each one was okay.

For more photos of all the dogs, please visit our website.  Thank you for reading and following along.
Kathleen and Dennis

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