Friday, August 11, 2017

We are trying to raise funds.  We are selling 2018 calendars featuring photo's by me, Kathleen Nash.  They come in 3 sizes and the photos are nice enough to frame after the month is finished.  You can see examples of the calendars and photos on our website,  

Dennis is still wrapping his beautiful cold forged wire wraps.  And he does custom orders.  If you have a special stone, rock, sharks tooth, and even coins laying around, his wrap makes a beautiful piece of wearable art.  You can find out about his custom ordering on our website.  

You can see what pieces we have at this time in our Facebook group,The Knotted Branch.  

A friend suggested we make a wish list.

Which I will do here.  It's difficult to prioritize when there is so much that needs to be done but safety first.  We are in need of a good battery operated weed eater.  The weeds and grass grow fast this time of the year and we have rattle snakes.  We are also in need of ply wood sheets, pallets, dog kennels, fencing, t-posts, dog food, tools, blankets for the dogs, and funds for vet care. Also Doggy Beds.  

If you would like to donate direct to the Veterinarian we have an account set up with All Creatures.  You can give them a call at 520-586-3777 and tell them you wish to donate to the Shepherd Hills Haven fund.  You can also visit their Facebook page.  

Their yearly shots are due and still need to raise funds for neutering.   Two of our dogs, Gate and Jack are both old and having some issues.  We would love to be able to have all their dentals done, and that is very expensive.  $200 each just to walk in the door.  

Having to be in a position to depend on fund raisers and the kindness of others is not easy.  To those who have been so supportive of us and the dogs we thank you so very much.  

The single wide needs repairs as there are holes in the floor and roof.   We are turning that back room into a green house in order to be able to have fresh vegetable and to become a little more self sustaining.  We know dogs like sweet potatoes and other veggies and fruits so hoping to grow what is edible to both us and the dogs.  

Thank you again for all who help.