Sunday, August 26, 2018

Shepherd Hills Haven Update

Hello everyone.  Geesh it's been ages since I've updated.  Let me start by saying a huge thank you to those who have donated, purchased the beautiful pendants made by Dennis and have encouraged us along the way.  Thanks to that we have been able to replace fencing that Chomp and Chewy tore apart in their escapades of escaping now and then.The new fencing will keep them safe. 

Now for sad news. 

As most of you know, my little loyal dog Jack died back in March and my heart still breaks over him being gone.  I sure do miss him.

And now Jack's best buddy and our loyal Cane Corso Gate is not doing well.  We will probably be putting him down in about a week.  My heart is breaking as is Dennis's too, Gate has been very special to us both.  

Gate has a mass on his head which the vet thinks is most likely cancer and he is of the age where he could not tolerate anesthesia or surgery and with other problems he has, it just isn't possible.  

The other dogs, Groucho, Lefty, Uno, Happy Dog and Sharp, are all doing well, as is Chomp and Chewy other.  

It is still our dream to be able to go non profit, build up this place and rescue more dogs.  I actually have a dream of being able to place small livable as in camping like, cabins around the 5 acres here, fence each one off and help people as well as dogs that need rescued.  Not sure if it will ever come true, but it's okay to dream right?  :)

Again, thank you everyone.  

PS, we do live feeds in our facebook group The Knotted Branch  Feel free to join up and watch Dennis make his beautiful cold forged pendants.  Maybe even purchase one.

Thank you